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Hengyang Investment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998 in Chengdu Hi-tech Development zone, China, where most high-end industries in middle-western China group, where innovation and pioneering resources concentrate, where the best investment environment is provided. Since establishment, the Company has always adhered to the idea of “practical, persistent, sincere and developing ” in its 18 years’ development, with all housing and commercial project acknowledge and supported by consumers. An annual profiting increasing rate of 10% is maintained to repay the consumers and investors maximally. Now the company is going to create another future again by incorporation of “Hongtu Real Estate ” in Ethiopia, Africa, which will make advantages of the parent company’s experience in real estate to take charge over real estate development project in Africa.

Introduction Of Projects

HONGTU STAR Luxury Apartment Project, invested by HengYang Inverstment Co., Ltd and undertaken by HONGTU REAL ESTATE PLC, locates in Lebu Area, Lafto Sub-City, Addis Ababa. Beautiful scenery , convenient transportation , about 12 km from the Ethiopia capital Addis Ababa Bole International Airport , about 3 km from the city center . The top design consultant team,China Shenzhen design Company works for this design as the design consultant . Their design idea is full of humanism, and appreciate the modernism, high-grade, simple,fashion and comfortable design style. HONGTU STAR adopts the design of B + G + 9, of which B+G will be used as 54 standard parking spaces. The first floor up to ninth floor will be designed as 54 suites of different types ranging from 88㎡square meters to 173㎡ equipped with two sets of lifts. 1 convenience store, 1 gym, 1 sauna room, CCTV monitoring system, solar water heaters and water purification system will be presented for a high quality life. HONGTU STAR commenced its construction on July 31st, 2016 and will be completed within 2 years.

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automatic electronic security system is adopted to take strict control over entrance. Any attempted entrance without approval will be rejected and in this way, to protect the personal and property safety of all people in buildings. An ordered, high-efficient and facilitated living environment and excellent living atmosphere is created. Whenever you come back home, you are honored!


New photovoltaic solar power supply system is introduced to guide the emergency power supply and energy saving and emission reduction of the whole community, including solar energy water heater, solar energy power supply system, solar energy street lamp, etc. Meanwhile, a backup power generating system is installed to ensure the power demands in ease of unexpected power off!


for green habitation, the most advanced water purification system is adopted to remove any sand, impurity or harmful substances in water efficiently so that the water is drinkable without heating, and the whole family is protected in this aspect!


For years the Company has maintained a close relationship with the world famous elevator brand MITSUBISHI to make owners safe and comfortable, convenient and assured.


A photovoltaic solar heat supply system is equipped to satisfy the whole community on requirements of heat consistently and to provide owners with high-quality and comfortable life!


Super large french glass windows ; 3.3M storey , broad and luxury space; 5.7M high of the entrance hall; Independent private parking spaces; Separately enjoyed fitness center;China Construction Quality Standards